Table Linen

Hessian & Lace Runner £4.00

Hessian table runner with delicate lace centre.

Hessian Napkin Ring £1.50

Lovely rustic hessian napkin rings.

Red & White Gingham Table Cloths £8.00

Red and white gingham checked table cloths.

Lace Overlay Chair Covers £10.00

Pretty lace overlay chair covers.

White Lycra Chair Covers £2.00

White lycra chair covers.

Picnic Blankets £5.00

Range of beautiful crocheted picnic blankets.

Two-Tone Vertical Drop Chair Decoration £4.00

Beautul two-tone vertical drop chair decoration.

Vertical Drop Chair Decoration £2.00

Lace Chair Bows £0.50

Pretty and delicate lace chair bows.

Hessian Style Chair Bows £0.50

Pretty hessian style bows for a rustic/vintage look.

Ruffle Hood Chair Covers £2.50

Ruffle hood chair covers in a variety of colours.

Cream Lace Chair Hood £1.00

Pretty lace chair hoods in cream.

Chiffon Runners £4.00

Delicate chiffon table runners available in a range of colours.

Sequined Table Cloths £35.00

Beautiful sequined table coths available in a range of colours.

Velvet Runners £8.00

Luxurious velvet table runners available in a range of colours.

Sequin Circle £6.00

Sequin Runners £8.00

Beautiful sequined table runners add a splash of glamour to the table 30cm wide x 2.75m length.

Vintage Doily Runner £2.00

Beautiful vintage doily circles joined to create a unique runner. Length approx. 1m

Lace Runner £4.00

Beautiful lace table runner.

Hessian Circle £2.00

Hessian circle table centrepiece.

Hessian Squares £2.00£4.00

Hessian square table decoration/covers in small and large.

Hessian Style Table Runners £4.00

Hessian style table runner.

Grass Circles £2.00£4.00

Grass circle table decoration in large and small.

Grey Hessian Runner £4.00

Rustic hessian table runner.

Embroidered Seat Cover £3.00

Pretty embroidered seat covers.

Black & White Striped Runner £4.00

Black & white stiped table runner.

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